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Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish our readers out there, all two of you, from our hearts to yours, Merry Christmas! Remember who you love and that your are loved. Have a great Christmas.


She Says: What Have I Been Doing?

I can remember Christmas as a child and young adult very well. Even more than the presents, or the cookies, or the holiday movies, I loved sitting in our family room at night with just the lights of the tree glowing across the room. Somewhere along the way, the tradition of sitting next to the tree taking in the holiday season slipped off my list of things to do. Suddenly, work, cleaning the house, or prepping for travel started taking priority. I now realize I’ve spent the last six years just trying to get through the season and make the most of the time I had off work doing un-holiday things.  Then Christmas would pass and I would complain “where did the year go?” without a second thought. Continue reading