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We’ll Always Love Home

As we have mentioned before on this blog, the two of us met on the west coast in Portland, OR. However, she is originally from Seattle and he is originally from the Twin Cities, and both of us love the cities from where we hail. We have families and memories there. We’ll always have a home there. Rather than blogging about the how much we love our hometowns, though, or the best things about them, we have decided to write about the top 5 “random” things we miss about our home cities. What we mean by this is that we are writing about the things we miss terribly about the places we grew up, but things that you wouldn’t actually give a friend as a reason why they have to visit the city. These are typically things we would never have realized how much we loved them until we actually lived in other place that didn’t have them. If you don’t understand the criteria, read on we guess. Continue reading