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Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all

To refresh our readers out there, the two of us every week or every other week choose a topic that affects us both and then we write about it. We write completely independent of each other. Only until after we have both finished the entry, do we read the other’s musings. We just want you to remember this before you begin reading on. The similarity of our blogs is merely a coincidence. Or maybe it means we’re actually learning to become a loving couple…Yea, you’re right. It’s probably just a coincidence. Continue reading


The Vegetarian Wants Pig, The Lawyer Wants Single Ladies

Married or not, many relationships require each partner to make sacrifices at some time or another. In our recent session on the couch, we drummed up thoughts about things we tend to give up to make the other person content and keep a peaceful marriage. Thus, the following is a recount of things we each want, but cannot have thanks to each other. It really is a vicious cycle.


She Says: There Is Always A “Yes” Somewhere Behind a Man’s “No” … So I Keep At It

Compromise. When I first got engaged, everyone told me that it is compromise that makes the marriage work. What a little piss ant of a word for such a ginormoous responsibility. Continue reading